Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun at the park

One day me Ryan ,Caroline, and Gracie went to fair park. We had so much fun on the merry-go-round.And a lot of fun in the water fountains that where coming out of the ground. My grandmother swung on the swig and my baby sister Gracie slid down the slide with my mom. Oh ya Ryan and my mom did the see saw. We spent half the time on the merry-go-round because it was fun. thats all for this post

Friday, December 5, 2008

My Birthday

I woke up that morning and I so! bad wanted to open my presents but I had to Waite a Little bit . So I helped my mom make monkeybred. And then I got to open my presents.first I got A action figure then a shirt then a robe then a book and I thought that was all but it wasn't my mom got one that was wrapped in Christmas paper and I opened it and it was a Lego set.And that day went on until that night my mom made the cake. then my dad got home and brought a present but Ryan gave it to me and it was the new Star wars the Clone wars movie I was so surprised. and then I got to blow out the candles my mom took a picture and you cold see Ryan peeking up. that's all for this post.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's a Snake!! or is it??

One day I was outside with the puppies we had and saw this thing flopping around in a hole. I thought it was a snake of course, so I ran inside yelling snake! snake! I told Ryan to get his gun and we went back outside and guess what? The flopping thing in the hole turned out to be one of the puppy's tail. You get it, the puppy was in a hole digging and wagging his tail. Anyway it was funny!!!! That's all for this post.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Snake Adventure

One day Mom was on the computer and called us down to the sunroom. We were down there in a flash. We looked out the window, but couldn't see anything. I said, "what is it, a rabbit?" Mom said, "No, look real hard up in the trees." Finally we saw two long snakes way up on the very edge of a limb. Of course Ryan, Caroline and I were out there in a flash. We watched and watched and waited until our neighbor got home. We went over and asked him to come and shoot the snakes. Even though I really like animals, he shot them anyway. They were 3 to 3 1/2 feet long. That's all for this post.

Chasing A Snake

One day we were sitting in the house and my mom told us to come to the window. When we got to the window, we looked out and a snake was crawling up a tree. Ryan, Caroline and I ran outside to the tree and started throwing sticks and dirt clods up at the snake. The snake kept getting higher and higher up the tree. Finally, Ryan told me to go get the BB gun. I ran all the way out to our middle pasture, got the gun and ran all the back. Ryan and I took turns shooting at the snake until it disappeared from our sight. So we went back in the house and that was that, but it was really fun!!!